Line’s B612 reached over 300 million downloads

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Line Corp just announced that their camera application  B612 reached over 300 million downloads. The number of Monthly Activated Users (MAU) has exceeded 100 million. These results have been achieved within 29 months since the application launched on August 2014. Line shared that the application gained more than 50 million new users within the last 8 weeks  where over 20 million new users were solely from China since the end of the year.

B612 added  a new AR (Augmented Reality) filter that  adds a video background effect on  pictures taken  with a rear-facing camera. Sky lanterns and Santa Claus filters were especially popular globally during the holiday season. Additionally, B612 allowed users around the world to film selfie videos with entertaining stickers to share with friends.

B612 is not only gaining popularity in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries, but continually growing its user base in South American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Peru. Line found that each region has  preference on filters. For example, Chinese users love the plastic surgery effect  and users in Indonesia like stickers that make skin tones brighter and hair colors darker while South American users like color filters which have been provided since the beginning of the application. Line has been providing culturally tailored services by analyzing each country’s characteristics early and reflecting them on B612.

Line Plus  head of B612 product, Changyoung Jung shared that B612 could attract more than 300 million users in the saturated photography application market by relentlessly researching and reflecting users’ various needs over the last 29 months. Jung shared his confidence  that B612 will stay as a leader in the photo-based communication trend by consistently improving the product.

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