Student-run IT Conference BCON To Be Held on the 11th


On February 11th at 1pm, BCON, a free non-profit IT conference, will be held in Hyesung Building’s Tips Hall in Gangnam. A group of college students united this year under the slogan “Start-up, start a new fire” will be hosting the conference. BCON aims to provide relevant information on IT start-ups to college students by sharing practitioners’ experiences of success, failure, and growth in small-size start-ups.

The event, sponsored by Hanbit Media, will include speakers from Manababa (CEO Dong Soo Lee) and Startup Jam (CEO Seung Hwan Lee). A time will be set aside for interested students to present their thoughts, and active participation is expected. The conference also intends to promote networking amongst the students.

The official BCON page can be found here, and registration information can be found here.
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