Pinkfong Word Power, Best App To Teach Children English!

pinkfong wordpower


Company Smartstudy announced a global release of Pinkfong! Word Power, an English education app for children to learn English words in a fun and easy way.

Following Pinkfong! ABC Phonics and Pinkfong! Super Phonics, both top ranked apps in the education category in the U.S., England and 81 other countries, Pinkfong! Word Power is the third installation of the step-by-step English education series. As a part of the phonics series, Pinkfong! Word Power, by considering children’s cognitive and learning processes, allows children with basic knowledge of the English alphabet to naturally learn 200 words.

Every language is learned by starting with familiar and recognizable concepts such as ‘I’ and building up to abstract and extensive concepts. Focusing on such technique, “Pinkfong! Word Power” is comprised of three step-by-step themes.

In the first theme, “me and my family,” words related to my body, feeling, and family and in the second theme, “nature,” words related to children’s favorite animals, fruits, weather, seasons, and nature can be learned. In the last theme, “school,” basic words that become the foundation of learning such as numbers, colors, antonyms, etc. are learned. Additionally, a lovable, little fox character called Pinkfong allows a more interesting learning experience, and visual learning, utilizing two different versions of 125 English flash cards either in illustrations or real images, makes it easier to understand words and remember words longer.

“Pinkfong! Word Power is Smartstudy’s fruit of labor created from many years of accumulated children’s education content development know-how” said Yoon Hyemi, PM of Smartstudy. “Previous work, Pinkfong Phonics series was adopted as a textbook for kindergarten in the United Kingdom and the United States. Pinkfong! Word Power, as a part of the phonics series capable of living up to its reputation for its in-depth learning, is also expected to be a global hit.”

Pinkfong! Word Power can be globally downloaded on Google Playstore, Apple Appstore and Amazon Appstore on Thursday, February 2nd. To provide global service, “Pinkfong! Word Power” is not only available in Korean, but also in English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

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