IndieCF Rolls Out SNS Video Editor App “Contenter”


Video marketing company IndieCF stated earlier this week that it will release its SNS video editing app “Contenter.”

Contenter is intended for anyone to easily create automated marketing videos for social media platforms. It targets individual and business users that seek to create effective marketing videos at low costs.

The app provides music and fonts free from any copyright limitations, as well as thousands of video artwork, helping users create videos most suitable for SNS marketing. You can also add logos as watermarks and produce high quality branding videos in under 60 seconds.

Last month, IndieCF conducted beta tests on 700 users and received positive feedback from 80% of those beta users, who found the app simple to navigate.

CEO Joung Park commented that IndieCF is all about simplicity and ease of use. She noted that the team “focused on allowing users to produce videos in one click” so that “even first-time video makers can easily create professional marketing videos.” The company expects startups and small businesses that require immense marketing content to find IndieCF to be useful and productive.

You can find IndieCF in nine languages, including English, Mandarin and Russian.

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