Share your Memories through AR – Introducing “Inception”


Awaiting its official launch in mid-March, Inception is an app that combines Augmented Reality (AR) and O2O, allowing users to record and share their memories through voice memos, notes, and photos. For example, users can leave AR messages at a memorable place and can check the messages when revisiting the place.

Additionally, Inception provides the O2O service between users and business owners in the AR space. For instance, when users visit a store using Inception, the business will be able to get a real-time counting of visitors at their business. Then, Inception can conduct further analysis where businesses can check the number of returning visitors and first-time visitors.

In the first half of 2017, Inception plans to provide a premium service in addition to commerce feature where users can check the product information of the businesses and purchase the products without physically visiting the stores. Inception has already teamed up with 19 business organizations in Gangnam and is providing its partners’ business information through AR.

“Inception is a platform that stores users’ valuable memories. We will strive to become a company that creates a new culture,” said Hyung-Ho Kim, CEO of Inception.

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