Baedal Minjok launched a simple payment service, ‘Baemin Pay.’

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Korea’s main food delivery service application, Baedal Minjok (“The Delivery People”) recently launched a simple payment method called Baemin Pay. Woowa Bros Inc. announced that Baemin Pay streamlines the mobile payment process by simplifying the self-certification to a single step, providing higher customer satisfaction in food ordering experience. After verifying payment card information once, users can make payments for their orders with simple 6-digit password.  

With Baemin Pay, users do not have to go through a separate, secure payment application that you need to run outside of your delivery app. It is also more secure from a security point of view because it is set to use only one device per account. Therefore, Woowa Bros expects a fast user growth within a short period of time, thanks to Baemin Pay’s incomparable payment experience. 

Currently, Users can use Baemin Pay with cards from Shinhan, Hana, Hyundai and BC as soon as Baemin Pay gets released. Other financial services are expected to be added to the list soon as well. With this launch, Baedal Minjok customers can benefit from various payment options including a bank account transfer with Baemin Pay, KAKAO PAY, Payco, credit card, payments through the mobile phone and OK Cashbag reward system.

Baedal Minjok COO Hyunjun Yoon stated that Baemin Pay can boost the quality of the fast, simple delivery service. Baedal Minjok will continue to research and improve customer’s food delivery ordering experience.

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