BFLIX, the next Netflix?


Zetta Media announced on February 6th that BFLIX, its movie streaming service, reached over 50K downloads. Google Android users made up 80% of the downloads, while the remaining 20% were Apple users.

Unlike Netflix and other movie streaming services that provide a library of  popular Hollywood movies and latest hits, BFLIX offers non-mainstream movies and classic masterpieces for free. Since the users can watch movies on BFLIX without signing up, movie buffs have welcomed the new app.

Zetta Media has focused on qualitative development of the company through content marketing and the 140% increase in the number of downloads reflect its efforts.

BFLIX mobile app first launched in late October, 2016 and plans to launch a web version that streams high-definition movies on PC and Smart TVs in March.

Wook Kim, the CEO of Zetta Media, said, “Whereas 2016 was the year of preparation to test the market potential, 2017 will be the year to take the next step forward by expanding the contents categories and improving the service quality.”

– Inspired by Platum

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