Debating Between a Beamer and Benz? Test Drive New Cars at Home


GetCha, an application that provides services for new car purchase, recently launched a service for consumers who are just at the cusp of buying. “TesTwo Drive” offers test driving services to those who are torn between different car models.

The service sends 2 cars to a potential consumer at any location. For those that want to squeeze a test drive during lunch hour at the office, or conveniently at home, TesTwo Drive will send you two cars of your choice. Users have no obligation to purchase either of the car even after the test drives.

Since a user can receive the cars at any location, it is convenient for those who want to do a realistic test drive. For example, you can receive a BMW 320d and a Benz C220 in front of your office building and test drive your commute. The service allows a seamless test driving experience at a location and time most convenient for you.

“I hope nobody has to ever regret buying a new car simply because you didn’t get a chance to test drive it in your daily habitat” notes Founder Chung Yoo-Chul.

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