Panacea for Translation, ManTong


Soft Power recently launched ManTong, an application that interprets Korean into 10 different languages based on AI technology.

The app utilizes Google Translate API, which applies neural machine translation (NMT) method. The user can simply talk into the mobile phone, and the app will translate sentences instantaneously without having to press any button.

When abroad, one can use ManTong for short conversations, and if two phones both have the application downloaded, two-way communication is possible. This application becomes especially useful under noisy environments. Since the app translates voice messages, one can simply talk into headphones that he/she is wearing and show the translated content to the other person without much hassle.

This app is free for any personal use; thus, with a smartphone, one is no longer restricted by a language barrier.

Soft Power CEO Kim SuRang noted, “some interpretation/translation applications that exist in the market cannot either handle long sentences or directly translate voice recognized sentences. The users have to press the buttons for every sentence they would like to translate, which is very inconvenient in the situation where you are given instructions or counseling.”

He further explained, “Mantong application tackles the problem at its root, and it guarantees high quality and applicable interpretation/translation that supports simultaneous two-way interpretation.”

Software engineering expert Park JinHo, the director for Software Education Research Lab in Soongsil University, evaluated, “In fact, Mantong did not require any single line of code. It utilized ‘SmartMaker’, a software solution that expands upon language processing AI, and this technology can be used in a variety of other relevant fields such as voice recognition and speech synthesis to easily develop new applications.”
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