SKINPANDA Launches All-in-One Free Trials, Shopping and Rewards Services


Beauty and health e-commerce SKINPANDA officially launched its services early February.

SKINPANDA provides a one-stop free trials, shopping and rewards service, differentiating itself from competitors who offer these three services separately. SKINPANDA carries diverse categories of products, ranging from skincare and lifestyle to food and men’s goods.

From the moment a consumer signs up on SKINPANDA, he or she can enjoy free trials and reward services through collected points. To corporate customers, SKINPANDA offers free processing, management and entry. Advertisements for product trials are also offered for free on SKINPANDA’s platform. How does this e-commerce monetize? It collects a commission for every product purchase.

The company emphasizes that it is a unique service that allows free trials, shopping and rewards all on the same platform. Such all-in-one service currently does not exist elsewhere and provides SKINPANDA not only a value proposition, but also provides consumers a chance to experience an entirely new form of e-commerce.

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