Rplay will launch an online travel market, Travelseed


Rplay will launch beta version of its individually curated travel services, ‘Travelseed’ on February 20th.

Travelseed is a global platform service with automatic translation feature to serve multinational travelers across the world. The service provides local tours in more than 100 countries including Iceland and Bangladesh, with special categories such as 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics for Gangwondo in Korea.  

Moreover, Travelseed is supporting an open market platform where anyone can be a Seeder. Seeders can provide free tours, concerts, and free exhibitions. With this service, Travelseed has been evaluated by travel experts on its ability to extend the range of its existing profitable platform. The sales team of Travelseed participated in a number of world traveling fairs including the World Travel Market in the UK (WTM) and Asia’s Leading Travel Trade Show in Singapore (ITB ASIA) in the second half of the last year and the first half of this year. At these fairs, Travelseed received good feedback from multinational traveling agencies.

CEO Hongryeol Ryu of Rplay stated that they will release a 3 month beta test to collect user information such as a user demographiscs, tendencies and preferences to provide a curated service.

Rplay is a Travel and IT based start-up company that has been primally certified by China Shandong Tourism as a private enterprise. Rplay is also managing FIT traveling service, Phicopass and Shandongpass.

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