Redefine Shopping for Jewelries through Bejewel


Jewelry O2O platform service bejewel launched its mobile and web service on February 14th. Bejewel first made its debut through Android app last June.

As the first Korean Jewelry O2O service, Bejewel bridges buyers and sellers through easy access to production list and price quote for the customers and personalized customer service and consultation for the sellers.For the users, the biggest advantages would be 1) a network of trustworthy sellers and 2) readily available information. For the sellers, marketing and increased revenue stream are some of the biggest benefits, as joining Bejewel would expose themselves to a greater flow of customers.

“Our purpose is to allow every customer to use our service with any device and OS. We have made it possible for more customers to get information and meet new sellers through our mobile platform. We hope to become a groundbreaking innovator within Korea’s jewelry market that would satisfy both the users and the sellers,” said Se-Il Hur, CEO of Bejewel.  

Bejewel has expressed that it would welcome customer feedback and take each market response into account to grow into one of the core players in the Korean jewelry market.

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