Kakao and Daum TVpot Merge To Launch Kakao TV


On February 18th, Kakao merged with Daum TV pot to launch Kakao TV. From this integration, Kakao will strengthen its existence as an ultimate video platform that covers PC, mobile, portal site Daum and messenger app Kakaotalk.

Kakao TV combines Kakao’s platform competitiveness and Daum TVpot’s abundant content into one.Users can watch live and on-demand videos from the KakaoTV website, mobile web page, and the messenger app Kakaotalk. KakaoTV will become the ultimate video platform for 42 million active monthly Kakaotalk users, 26 million Kakaotalk channels, and 27 million Daum users.

Above all, KakaoTV stands out from other streaming services because it can be linked with Kakaotalk’s new Plus Friend. KakaoTV users can subscribe to any video channels by adding the channels as their plus friend. They will then receive live video notifications and newest updates from their subscribed channels from Kakaotalk. For live channels, users will see a ‘LIVE’ badge next to the channel name and can start watching live videos from the app.

Users can also watch on-demand videos by receiving Kakaotalk messages or adding the channel as a plus friend. The new “KakaoTV Live” feature will help users  fully enjoy the live channel by providing rich video content, mobile friendly UI, real-time chat and sponsorship.


To support the launch of Kakao TV, top Korean video creators, such as Great Library (Game), Banzz (Food), Risabae (Makeup), and Diva Jessica (English), will join on board as Play Directors (PD). Korean comedians will be launching their own live channels. KakaoTV aims to provide unique content for each and every genre and generation.

KakaoTV PDs can use the “Video Station” feature to produce and manage videos more efficiently. Video station is also connected to Pot player so PDs can manage video history and derive insights for their content. Moreover, through “Biz Station,” a profit management platform, PDs can easily add advertisements to their videos and live channels, request for sponsorships as well as keep track of their finances.


KakaoTV is expanding its sponsorship feature that is currently only available on the KakaoTV live app to Kakaotalk. Users will be able to create live videos from their smartphones. Kakao’s goal is to help everyone become a content creator.


Dongho Bae, Director of Kakao video platform, said “KakaoTV allows anyone to watch live and on demand videos conveniently. Creators can distribute their videos throughout various channels and earn profits from KakaoTV. It will help Kakaotalk gain back users of video streaming services that have previously relied on only foreign platforms.”
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