Watch out for these Korean Startups at MWC 2017!

Mobile World Congress 2017

The 2017 Mobile World Congress began two days ago. Global tech companies are introducing their newest products and showing off cutting-edge inventions. LG is debuting its flagship smartphone “G6” at the event. Blackberry is attempting to return to the market’s major player position with its newest android device “KeyOne.” However, there are other smaller companies to watch out for: Korean startups. Korean startups are breaking into the global market with their interesting and solid features.

Please see below to check out up and coming Korean startup companies and their innovative products!


39 degrees C is a portable smartphone broadcasting studio where users can make live-streaming video. Global users can connect through their live video contents on any platform to share unique experience with their friends, family, and colleagues. Without high-cost equipment, 39 degrees C has developed LILAY to offer same service for users to relay live events, such as broadcasting sport games. ‘LILAY’ is a multi-camera, live broadcasting system. 39 degrees C designed a live streaming service that works with no additional equipment other than smartphones, which easily replaces the current live broadcasting system.

BrilliantTS is releasing its “BPay card” at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. A BPay card is an all-in-one care that looks exactly like a credit card, but it can register up to 30 different cards including credit, debit, reward, gift, and employment ID cards. The company introduces this product as “trendy as it exists nowhere else yet, is significantly essential to the contemporary world.”

Innoplay Lab is a Korea-based robotics startup focusing on development and manufacturing of robotic-related products. INNOPLAYLAB stands for INNOVATIVE, PLAY and LABATORY. “ROBOTS FOR HUMANS” is  its corporate philosophy to achieve “1 robot, 1 home.” What started off as a 5-people startup in March 2016 quickly expanded into a group of 34 people, including Software development, Hardware development, Mechanical Design, Design and QA team. The co-founders have more than 10 years of experience in the robotics arena and has track record of developing ENGKEY and Kibot1 and Kibot2.

MUSMA is an expert in developing IoT devices and mobile application. The company will be introducing video recording mobile application GOLIVE in MWC. GoLIVE has two interesting features. The first allows for the visualization of physical data such as speed, location, altitude on video. Secondly, the app provides real-time encoding function which enables users to share videos without  tedious encoding process. Those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as leisures and extreme sports will find this app helpful, as allows them to record and share their activities in more detailed and easier ways.

Pium Labs, Inc. has developed an innovative mobile technology especially using olfaction. They have researched advanced ways of interaction with mobile contents through scents, and developed intellectual properties in VR, AR, smart home, and healthcare. The company is composed of scented tech savvy founders from Cornell University, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and KAIST. Smart diffuser is the first commercial device of Pium Labs providing scents automatically personalized based on users’ location and activity. Currently the company is closely collaborating with Samsung electronics, and looking for partners in the field of beauty, hospitality, and healthcare.

Samsung’s C-Lab, created in December 2012, will be showcasing 4 Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) projects.

1. Relúmĭno, a visual aid application, allows near-blind and visually impaired users to read books and watch TV. When the mobile app is running on Samsung Gear VR, it enhances visuals and texts saving the need to purchase expensive visual aids in the market.

2. traVRer, a video traveling service, enables users to experience realistic virtual travel by location-based media. Users can visit different travel destination around the world and experience the mood, noise and events as captured. Users can switch seamlessly between different videos to go in different directions or see the place at a specific time of day – all without the need to navigate menus for alternative video options.

3. VuildUs, a home furnishing application, allows users to measure a room with a 360 degree depth camera to build and enter a VR room by wearing a VR headset. In the VR world, the users can place furnitures to see whether they would fit in the room before purchasing them in the app.

4. Monitorless, a remote-control VR/AR solution, enables consumers to use devices such as smartphones and PCs without a monitor. With regular sunglasses design, Monitorless coupled with its electro-chromic glass allows users to view contents from smartphones and PCs in AR and VR.


Sentio is a consumer electronics company with proprietary technology that transforms your smartphone into a laptop. The company launched its flagship product, Superbook, on Kickstarter last year. This product became the Most Funded Hardware project at nearly $3M raised. Founding team is led by alumni from Google and Y Combinator, and is backed by leading VCs including Social+Capital and 500 Startups.


Solmitech is a mobile healthcare product manufacturer established in 2010. The company develops innovative products such as wearable devices for continuous electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate monitoring, and smartphone interworking health cameras with mobile application programs. This year, Solmitech is joining the Mobile World Congress for the second time jointly with INNOPOLIS, a foundation established under the Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning. The company is expected to introduce its healthcare products including the Refit patch and the Refit card at the conference.

Founded by four Stanford Electrical Engineering Ph. D. students, Stratio introduced short wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging to the mass market. Stratio has been receiving investments from various accelerators and venture capitals, includingAlchemist Accelerator and GoGlobal Consulting Services. The company is expected to display its low-cost, handheld, smartphone-compatible spectrometer, LinkSquare. LinkSquare analyzes an object’s response to light and determines the “spectral signature” of the object, and identifies the object or reveal information about its composition that cannot be seen with naked eye.

Suprema is a global leader in core biometrics and securities technology. Combining world renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, Suprema has been able to develop and manufacture reliable industry leading products and solutions. Suprema BioSign™ is the optimized iteration of Suprema’s world’s best biometric algorithm, which offers unrivaled recognition accuracy and ultra-quick authentication performance while accommodating multiple sensor sizes. Suprema supports world-wide sales network that spans across more than 133 countries around the world and is the first biometrics company listed on Korea’s stock market (KOSDAQ 094840).

VR Carver, owner of US and international patents, and an innovator of original technologies in the field of 4D simulator in VR business, is proposing new vision that provide virtual reality similar to actual motion situation. VR Carver leads the market of virtual reality 4D simulator with innovative products including multi-board, developed by the world’s first Track-belt Type Slip-turn module; indoor cycle, developed by Rotating plate type Slip-turn module, and interactive chair, developed by Differential gear type Fast-turn module technology which were developed with patented technology to creative VR sports Playzone.

X Engineering is a fintech Internet of Things (IoT) startup aiming to disrupt the offline payment system with its self-developed Magnetic Flux Emulation(MFE) technology, which generates magnetic fields, making card readers to respond as if the card were swiped. Its first product “Spendwallet” solves the problem of traditional wallet that lacks storage and security by digitally consolidating all types of cards into one device. X Engineering also provides an easy-to-implement MFE payment solution that simplifies the process of adding payment feature for IoT manufacturers.

The 2017 Mobile World Congress takes place from February 27th to March 2nd in Barcelona, Spain. Check out MWC for more information. We will come back soon with a post coverage of the event. Stay connected!

Written Jointly By Baek Kim, Joon Kwon, Jiwon Shin

Jiwon is a tech writer, software engineer, data analyst, and a fan of any new tech invention. He is currently studying Computer Science and Statistics at Johns Hopkins researching medical imaging using computer vision. He believes that tech is the new superpower of our time, and he wants to do anything to further its development. You can reach Jiwon at


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