Healthcare startup Humanscape acquires seed investment from Mashup Angels


Humanscape (CEO Jang Min Hoo), a healthcare startup providing mobile concierge solutions to beauty care clinics, acquired an undisclosed amount of seed investment from Mashup Angels (CEO Lee Taek Kyung), an early startup angel network and accelerator.

Established last March, Humanscape is a healthcare startup providing customer management solutions for beauty care clinics including plastic surgery, skincare and more. Its goal is to innovate the entire hospital operation with IT technology except doctor’s medical activities. Humanscape services customer management solution Helen that acts as a medical assistant for patients. Its services range from providing customers with information to help them decide on a surgery to after care contents until patients are fully healed subsequent to the surgery at home to eliminate any anxiety and discomfort.

Currently, global hospital solution is a 27 trillion won industry and continuous innovation and development are taking place through collaboration with various healthcare startups. While large hospitals invest extensively on patient management including aftercare, 96.2% of the small and medium hospitals still use excel and paper charts for patient management.

“Helen will become a necessary solution for global beauty clinic that directly contributes to improved sales by not only enhancing hospital operation efficiency, but also encouraging its customers to return to the clinic” said CEO Jang.

“Humanscape’s solution is designed to go beyond basic PC oriented customer management and seamlessly allows customer management through mobile devices.” As a reason for the investment, “being able to satisfy consumers and hospitals at the same time by providing various contents to increase safety and satisfaction of beauty healthcare consumers played a big role in determining immense growth potential,” commented Mashupangels Partner In Sanghyuk.

Based on the experience and data gathered from a pilot test for plastic surgery mobile aftercare service, Humanscape plans to launch ‘Helen’ beta service.

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