Kakao Publishes ‘Kakao AI Report’


On March 14th, Kakao published its first issue of ‘Kakao AI Report’ through its policy support team, Brunch. This report provides analysis on AI’s global trends as well as the latest research. It is scheduled to be published each month in PDF format via Brunch and 1boon.

In the first issue, the report covers various information on AI, including: 1) the history of AI and concept of deep learning, 2) regulatory issues of AI in the U.S. and Europe, 3) the evolution of robot ethics from Issac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” to Asilomar AI principles, and 4) major AI-related conferences and podcasts in 2017.

On the cover of the first issue is the development code for Kakao’s ‘flower search’, an AI-based feature. Moving forward, Kakao plans to put AI-related codes as their cover page.

“We hope that Kakao’s AI report can become a value-added service in promoting more public interest in AI and contributing to the growth of AI ecosystem,” said Hye-Seung Jung, head of Kakao’s communication policy team.

By leveraging its in-house technology such as voice recognition, video recognition, and communication interface and through collaborations with Kakao’s AI technology-based life services, Kakao plans to soon establish AI-based platforms.

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