Naver’s First Female CEO Shares New Visions


Shareholders of Naver, Korea’s dominant Internet portal, appointed Han Seong Sook as the company’s new and first female CEO.

Since the soft confirmation of her new position last October, Han has proposed new keywords for the company: “enabling individuals’ success through a technology platform.”

A representative example is Naver’s efforts in artificial intelligence. Various services are under beta testing. Some of the services include “Naveri,” a conversation engine, and “AiRS,” a recommender system and Naver-Line’s “Cloud Virtual Assistant” module. The company will also participate in Seoul Motor Show later this month as the first Internet company to showcase its self-driving technology.

In addition to its new focus on AI, the company is developing a higher level of credibility of its services through its Transparency Committee. It plans to reorganize its popular real-time search word ranking service by expanding the list to 20 words and adding a new function for users to track the changes in word rankings over time.

On top of Han’s priorities is fostering the growth of small businesses and individual creators. She plans to create a more segmented, step-by-step support program, as well as to expand the company’s offline platform.

“Anyone who has been in the IT industry long enough would know that a one-time success does not last long,” Han says. “Naver will need to constantly seek and create new opportunities in this fast-changing environment. Naver will lead change with technology and connect users to technology with service.”

During the last shareholder meeting, Byun Dae Kyu, chairman of Humax Holdings Co., was appointed as Naver’s Chairman of Board. The recent division of CEO, Chairman of Board and majority shareholder will help Naver keep a healthy checks and balances among its executives, confirming the company’s devotion to clean, transparent leadership.

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