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Order with kakao

On March 21st, Kakao announced a new feature called “Order with KakaoTalk” to existing KakaoTalk service; users can now order food from diverse franchise restaurants. This is the first model that has rolled out since Kakao CEO Lim JiHoon’s announcement of Kakao’s new direction in 2017 in the beginning of the year.

At the moment, plates including chicken, pizza, hamburgers and Korean food from 14 different brands can be ordered via KakaoTalk. One needs to simply add “Order with KakaoTalk” Plus Friend from or press “Order Now” button. One can also make an order by adding the franchise as a friend. The service utilizes the KakaoTalk UI, with which everyone in Korea is already familiar, and thus, everyone can easily use the service. Furthermore, there is no need for users to download an extra app and to register, making the experience more pleasant for its users.

There is also a convenient functionality available optimized for ordering.

It provides estimated delivery time so that users can choose a restaurant that delivers more quickly, and depending on the brands, one can set a time for delivery. Users can also reorder their favorite menu based on the order history. The payment method is very flexible. Users can pay via KakaoPay, credit cards or offline (cash or credit cards). Once the payment is made, live updates on the order are delivered to the users by alert functionality in KakaoTalk. Additionally, one can share the menu in a chatting room in KakaoTalk.

CNT TECH, which received equity investment from Kakao in July last year, is a platform company specifically for order broker and is responsible for the management of “Order with KakaoTalk.” When an order is placed from KakaoTalk, CNT TECH uses its integration tool to pass on the order history to the nearby franchisees.

Franchises that have partnered with “Order with KakaoTalk” are now able to secure 42 million customers via Plus Friend. These brands are also able to increase the customer satisfaction through simple ordering procedure. It is also possible to inform the customers of new menu and promotions through KakaoTalk messages or send coupons to stimulate orders. By delivering brand related news to users via KakaoTalk channel, the partners can advertise without any stress on the price for marketing.

The leader of the task force at Kakao, Seo JunHo, who leads “Order with KakaoTalk” stated, “we will continue to improve the service and expand the available brands to increase the customer satisfaction.”

On the other hand, Kakao will evolve KakaoTalk into a business platform by officially opening new Plus Friends and integrating functionalities including orders, purchases and reservations. The goal is to let the users and business partners to live and breathe inside KakaoTalk.

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