Startup’s Foray into bike-sharing culture near Han River


The only way to ride a bike in Han-River Park was to go to a bike-rental shop iunless  people brought their own. Now anyone can ride bikes conveniently through Lycle.

Lycle, a bike sharing platform launched in March of 2016, announced that they will be targeting the Han-River bike-rental market by launching platform on iOS.

Lycle’s goal is to make a new bike-sharing culture by having partnerships with bike shops. They are unique in that Lycle allows customers to rent bikes from bike retails shops, not traditional bike rental shops. Lycle platform is a win-win for both parties as users can choose their favorite kind of bikes in bike shops and bike shops can achieve high sales by promoting their brand-new bikes through this service.

After launching its beta service in March, 2016, Lycle reached more than 10,000 users within the first 4 months. It showed that there was  a strong demand for trying out different types of bikes. Last year, Lycle only offered a one-day rental service, but it started to  provide a 4-hour rental service for a cheaper price this year. In addition, the number of partnered bike shops and bikes have been steadily increasing which will draw in more customers than last year.
Inspired by Platum

Sun Hee Park is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Communication Arts. Her interests include writing and watching films of any genre, and her rambunctious two cats, Nabi and Roy. She hopes to work in broadcasting as a producer in the future.



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