An Application for Pets and their Owners


WeMaking Inc. released a mobile application targeted for pet owners, “Our Youngest Child” on the 20th of March.

Our Youngest Child aims to provide services through which family members can take better care of pets together, gain easy access to pet health care, and find friends for pets through its social networking platform.

As a family SNS, Our Youngest Child allows friends and family members to become “families” through the application and share their pets’ photos and videos on their timeline. Users can follow their pets’ daily lives and share the content to other major SNS services services as well.

Our Youngest Child also provides venues for its users to ask each other questions and receive answers regarding their pets’ health, behavior, and habits. Veterinarians and behavior experts take part in this communication as well. The application also provides a service called “Alphabet.” Users input their pet’s’ specific breed, age, and sex into Alphabet and will receive targeted results regarding health care. This service is expected to lessen the potential cost of health care as the users will be better informed and thus prevent diseases beforehand.

Our Youngest Child will provide opportunities for its users to communicate with other pet owners in the nearby area. Users will be able to make connections with other pet owners in the area and ask each other to take care of their pets in case of emergency.

WeMaking CEO Park SungJoon stated, “pet dogs and cats are humans’ lovely companions with intelligence of about three year olds. We developed Our Youngest Child app out of loving and caring minds.” He added, “unlike existing pet applications, we wanted our application to be about the happiness coming from our lovely companions.”

Our Youngest Child released its android version on Google Play, and it plans on releasing the iOS version sometime in June of 2017.
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