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Edtech startup Eggbun Education recently secured angel investment of 900 million Korean Won from Strong Ventures and Primer, along with investors in Sweden and the U.K. The investment was led by Martin Randel, an angel investor who saw the startup’s potential to compete with Unifaun and VitaminWell, current leaders of the language education market.

Founded in 2015, Eggbun Education is a language learning application that uses chatbots to teach users Korean, Japanese and Mandarin. The service is currently available in Southeast Asia and North America. Eggbun Education is also the first Korean company to be selected as part of 500Startup Distro Dojo and Malay’s MaGIC Accelerator Program.

Since its inception, Eggbun Education has acquired more than 2,500 paid users and generated 25 million Korean Won in annual revenue.

Founder and CEO Fernando Moon notes that the company will use the new funds to continuously develop its technology and product in order to enter various markets across the globe.

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