Naver vs. SK vs. Kakao: Who’s the Winner?


Competition among various apps in regard to travel such as map, navigation, public transportation and car maintenance, has been fierce among many Korean IT companies, including Naver, SK and Kakao.

According to WiseApp, an application data analytics company, which analyzed the Android users’ data from February, “Naver Map” was used the most with 8.08 million monthly active users.

Among navigation apps, “T Map” by SKT won first place with 6.15 million monthly users and “Kakao Navi” followed with 2.94 million monthly users. In terms of taxi-hailing app, “Kakao Taxi” was the most popular with 3.51 million users in February.  “Smarter Subway” won the subway category with 3.35 million monthly active users and “Kakao Bus” won the bus category with 1.86 million monthly active users.

SoCar” and “Green Car” are the top two players in car-sharing service. Overall, more users have begun to use apps for second-hand car dealing.

The study was done by collecting data from a sample of 26,898 android users during February.

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