ChatGrid, A Unified Messenger Solution


On the 30th, ChatGrid (CEOs Mansu Kim and Herman Yang) released a unified messenger solution for businesses using chatbots in Korea. The ChatGrid platform is a corporate AI-based, interactive chatbot service that can be integrated with all message channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Line, and KakaoPlus. With one click, corporate customers can send various kinds of information such as event bills, product introductions, customer support, questionnaires, etc. in a friendly, interactive chatbot format to the users of the messenger channel in one-to-one real time.

ChatGrid’s single dashboard provides integrated user profile management services for all channels, enabling companies to manage their customers conveniently. Users can access various information and news via messenger, chatbot conversations, and simple question inputs, and can also receive customized service to find information right away.

Companies using Facebook can automatically deliver updated news or news on Facebook to users in a chatbot format. In addition, they can use RSS feeds to automatically acquire content, provide built-in interactive search services, hence the service can be constructed.

“ChatGrid can work with CRM and marketing automation tools such as Salesforce, Mailchimp and Zendesk, and it is expected to be a new one-to-one customer support / marketing tool.” In addition, the CEO stated, “I believe Korean companies that are going overseas will be able to show one-on-one marketing using chatbot to customers through ChatGrid.”


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