All-in-one mobile messenger startup, Twinny acquires 300 million Won investment


Founded on September 2015, Twinny Inc (CEO  Young Suk Chun,  Hong Suk Chun), an IT startup and the provider of the all-in-one mobile messenger MoiGo, received 300 million won from KITE Entrepreneurship Foundation (Chairman Kim Chul Hwan).

MoiGo is receiving highly favorable reviews from its users by providing an all-in-one platform that links the  most frequently used functionalities including mobile messenger, schedule manager, and notice board.

“MoiGo will be the next generation mobile messenger that collects and manages all users’ networks in the most efficient and convenient way,” said CEO Hong Suk Chun. “The mobile messenger market is called the graveyard of startups for its high entry barrier, but the potential for growth is also endless. Looking at the history of IT, innovation has always been achieved through efficient and convenient services. I am confident that MoiGo can be that innovative service.”

Currently, MoiGo, which is in beta, can be used on smartphones as well as PC.

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