Google’s Waze Now Available in Korean


On March 31st, Google’s Waze announced the launch of its first ever navigation voice in Korean.

Founded in Israel in 2007 and acquired by Google in June 2013 for over 1 billion USD, Waze is the world’s largest social navigation app, in which users can share real-time traffic and road information.

With more than 80 million active monthly users, Waze has received heaps of requests from its users to expand its service globally, including Wazers in Korea. To that end, Waze rolled out the first phase of localization and customization of the app by launching Korean navigation voice globally, which will read street names.

“We value user engagement because Waze is all about the community,” said Mona Weng, Waze’s APAC Partnerships Lead. “The more engaged our users are, the more features we launch, including: gas prices, Waze Assistant, and celebrity voice prompts. For example, we have Morgan Freeman as a navigation voice in the U.S.

“Waze is invested in growing and engaging our community in Asia, and we will always strive to make Waze more useful for users in Korea,” added Weng.

To set up the Korean voice feature in Waze, users can go to toolbar and press the gear icon. The Settings tab will pop up and they can select Search by voice, and select Korean as an option.

Waze can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play.  

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