Famous Chef Dishes At Your Door: Chefly


Food delivery service Foodfly’s new private brand Chefly has achieved a record 10 times the initial growth in the six months since its launch in October 2016.

Chefly is a new kind of premium food delivery service that partners with famous chefs to deliver gourmet dishes on demand to any location. With chefs developing and updating menus on a weekly basis, Chefly delivers a variety of Korean, Japanese and Western dishes. The menu began with  merely 4 dishes at its launch, and has now grown to more than 15.

Foodfly utilizes Chefly’s internal data and customer messenger service to enhance its features and offerings. In growing the business, the company is all about listening to customers’ actual wants and needs. Quickly responding to customer taste, Chefly now offers special combinations of food items (ex. Korean snack “ddukboki” and beer), delivers until 11:30PM to target late night snackers and delivers even 1-person portions.

CEO Lim Eun Sun notes that “Chefly is growing very quickly, with more than 100 meal orders coming in within one hour of new menu release.” Lim emphasizes that the company pays close attention to various customer segments, recognizing different lifestyles, and is currently looking to enter the “Ready to Heat” and “Ready to Cook” markets.

Chefly also delivers alcoholic beverages. If you are staying in and hungry on a Friday night, fill your belly with Chefly’s innovative menus via the Foodfly app!

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