Law Startup Lawoafactory Wins the 2017 Korea Service Satisfaction Awards


Law startup Lawoafactory(CEO Lee YoungJoon) was chosen as the recipient of the 2017 Grand Prize of Korea Service Satisfaction Awards. Over 380 companies and organizations competed for the award this year.

Korea Service Satisfaction Awards combines Service Satisfaction Index and expert committee’s incognito evaluations to decide its award recipients. Service Satisfaction Index is a comprehensive score that represents consumer’s satisfaction regarding service quality derived from SERVQUAL, a service quality evaluation model, and a consumer satisfaction figure (CS).

Lowoafactory was established in December 2015 under its motto to innovate the law industry with IT. The company released its lawyer search application service, IntoLaw. It also initiated moduSign, a service that helps users vote on legal contracts. As of March 2017, moduSign has 85,000 registered individual users and 7,000 registered corporate users.

Lawoafactory CEO Lee YoungJoon stated, “We are researching and developing various solutions that provide corporates and individuals with an easy access to the legal market, prevent and solve legal issues.” He added, “We strive to become a leader in the popularization of the legal market through innovation in IT.”

Company Background

Lawoafactory received initial investment from a startup accelerator, Primer ,in January 2016 and attracted subsequent investment from K-Bridge Investments in September.

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