Monster School alumnus MathMon ready to debut soon


On April 3rd , Monster School, an edutech startup specializing in math learning,  announced its raising seed funding from MashUp Angels.

Monster School’s goal is to replace the conventional math education system, which is based on endless, confusing calculations on paper.

Monster School’s application, MathMon, is designed to help elementary students with the four basic arithmetics in math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), which take up 60% of elementary school math curriculum in Korea. Influenced by the method of abacus, MathMon’s system is designed to enhance students’ abilities to mentally solve math problems without perfoming physical calculations on paper.  In addition, by incorporating gaming UX, it helps the users concentrate on the learning experience.

The CEO of Monster School comments that, “With the Y Generation (those born in the early 80’s) becoming parents of elementary school children, the development of digital learning processes has become more universal and important.  We will expand beyond the four basic arithmetics to cover all curriculums of elementary school math and become a global leader in math education.”

MashUp Angels explained the reasons of the investment, “Monster School has the potential to revolutionize math education in Korea, which currently causes a lot of trouble for young students. We also see the potentials in collaborating with other edutech startups, succeeding in the B2B market, and expanding into other countries.”

MathMon will be released in May.

MashUp Angels is an accelerator specializing in early stage startups and is involved in collaborations with many renowned angel investment firms.  So far, it has invested in 54 different startups.

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Thomas Kim is a support staff member for a multinational law firm in DC. With a B.A. in political science from The George Washington University, he is interested in startup policies and has been involved in a number of cases including a research role at the department of entrepreneurship at GWU. (Though he has no formal education in technology, he considers himself a self-taught mobile apps expert through his active use of various different dating apps.)


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