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interior brothers

Interior Brothers announced the release of “Brother’s Concierge,” a service providing free professional interior portfolio recommendations. Brother’s Concierge recommends twelve most suitable professional portfolios based on user’s preferences. Conventionally, personally meeting and reviewing professional portfolios that matches the user’s preferences would take half a day and to meet 3 experts would take 4-5 days; however, with Brother Concierge, the whole process can be reduced to within 2 minutes because the candidates are pre-selected based on user’s preferences which leads to highly successful consultations. Currently, there are about 170 interior designers affiliated who must provide business operation identification and pass a background check.

“After the start of public beta service last February, large interior projects using Interior Brothers have started,” said CEO Shin Dong Ho. “Customers are amazed at their experiences with Brother’s Concierge because of intuitive recommendation results. Responses from professions are also positive,” and “Brother Concierge plans to reinforce services and information to make the interior market more transparent in the future.”

Interior Brothers is focusing on recommending and connecting suitable experts based on data and plans to launch trade cost insurance service.


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