AI Education Startup ‘Elice” Launches Live-Streaming Coding Education Platform.


AI education platform, Elice (CEO: Jaewon Kim), announced on April 5th its launch of live-streaming coding lectures service.

Elice, founded by KAIST computer science AI researchers, has been popular in the online coding education industry. While they were initially assisting college students learn basic programming skills, the team found various challenges in the existing coding education system. The company sought to resolve these limitations by developing an online platform that uses AI to teach coding and manage students’ performance.

Currently, KAIST Master and Ph.D students who developed the platform are teaching and assisting programming classes. Since the developers researched programming education during their Masters, they are actively applying popular techniques in academia. Their techniques are focused on how beginners can become interested in coding and attend classes to enhance their performance.

Before officially launching their live streaming classes this year, Elice has been applied to KAIST lectures varying from foundation classes to advanced classes proving its degree of completion since 2015. Elice is used by not only KAIST, but also in other universities and companies in Korea. Elice helps non-professionals to overcome the limits of programming education and learn programming wherever and whenever.

CEO Kim said “Because students can communicate with teachers real time to resolve bugs, beginners can learn relatively easily. Coding is difficult to learn especially in the beginning. Since it involves particular preparation such as downloading the required programs and having the right settings, people tend to give up before even starting. We would like to work continuously on developing a platform to help everyone learn programming.”


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