Mr. Mention Selected as TIPS’ Startup of the Year


Mr. Mention (CEO: Jung Sung Jun), a long-term vacation rental platform, was selected as accelerator investment-driven Tech Incubator Program for Startups (TIPS) startup of the year. The team will receive up to $500,000 in R&D support over the next two years.

This year, TIPS focused on selecting a startup with the most potential to enter overseas markets. As the final team to be selected, Mr. Mention will receive up to $100,000 in initial foundation fund, $200,000 in matching angel fund and $100,000 in international marketing fund in addition to the $500,000 R&D support. TIPS will also provide office space for Mr. Mention during its incubation period.

Mr. Mention’s vision is to create a culture of “checking out a city for one month,” to promote long-term travel that enables travelers to truly immerse themselves in the destination. The startup connects travelers with long-term vacation rental needs in the Jeju Island area and is quickly expanding its services to Busan and Seoul. It was founded in April 2016 and has partnered with over 500 vacation homes in Jeju Island and 100 in Busan. The startup’s ultimate mission is to enter foreign markets.

Mr. Mention has received initial venture capital funding of approximately $400,000 from Coolidge Corner Investment and has independently raised over $150,000 in crowdfunding. The startup was first incubated at Kyungsung University’s Business Incubation Center, where CEO Jung graduated from.

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