FiscalNote Korea’s ‘Nude President’ Shows Your Matching Rate with Each Presidential Candidate


A service that matches users with the best fit presidential candidates based on their preferences on candidate’s policies and commitments has been gaining strong popularity in Korean social networks.

Developed by FiscalNote Korea, ‘Nude President’ has garnered 300,000 people in just three weeks of beta opening and is still shared actively. Especially after the Democratic Party primaries, and as the presidential election day nears, the number of users has increased significantly. Above all, for registered voters who have been tired of the candidates’ negative campaigns, Nude President became an opportunity to understand the candidates in depth.

Nude President anonymously presents each candidate’s pledges and policies for the 2017 presidential election, and shows the ranking of the candidate matching rates based on user’s choices. The service also shows the user’s matching rates for each subject category such as economy, education, and industry, comparing the commitment to detailed items such as age, gender, real estate, and job creation.

For example, based on Nude President, users in their 30s were mostly interested in the following: 1. Real estate, 2. Reduced labor time, 3. Fair market economy, 4. Child care, 5. Chaebol (conglomerate) policy. Students in their 20s expressed emphasis on 1. Job creation, 2. Youth welfare, 3. Minimum wage, 4. Reduced labor time, 5. Military corruption.


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