Uber challenges Korea again through UberEats


Uber is targeting Korean market once again through UberEats.

Uber Korea has announced its preparation for the launching of UberEats.  UberEats, a delivery app, boasts its ability to provide delivery service for locations that were once not reachable and to deliver for high quality restaurants that do not offer delivery.  The service is identical to that of FoodFly in Korea.

The app is based on the technology of Uber, which allows users to track the status of the delivery and to estimate the arrival time.  Currently, the service is active in USA, Europe, Japan, and Middle East.

Prior to the official launch, the company is looking for additional restaurants and drivers to participate in the service.  Just like Uber drivers, UberEats drivers are able to work in their convenient times and regions to make extra cash. The eligible drivers include anyone that can work who are over 18 years of age with a driver’s license or motorcycle license, and the means of transportation can vary including motorcycles, electric bikes, bikes, and cars.

The Head of Operations for Asia-Pacific at UberEats, Allen Penn, commented, “We are happy to launch UberEats in Korea.  Delivery and service systems in Korea are well developed, which makes it interesting for UberEats.”

However, with food delivery applications such as Baemin and Yogiyo currently dominating the market and identical services such as FoodFly already widely being used, the market may not be an easy target for UberEats.  The only advanced technology it offers over the competitors is the GPS tracking of the driver.

In addition, in other countries, Uber has recently come to attention for negative news including a sexual harassment incident.  To make the matters worse, the service has been banned in Italy since April 7th after the its court has ruled against Uber in a case for an unfair practice of business.  With the same reason, Uber is involved in numerous court cases in different cities.

With the history of conflicts in the Korean taxi industry, UberEats has an unclear future in Korea yet.



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Thomas Kim is a support staff member for a multinational law firm in DC. With a B.A. in political science from The George Washington University, he is interested in startup policies and has been involved in a number of cases including a research role at the department of entrepreneurship at GWU. (Though he has no formal education in technology, he considers himself a self-taught mobile apps expert through his active use of various different dating apps.)



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