Health Screening Made Easy with Mediage-Samsung Electronics

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On April 11th, professional medical data analytics company, Mediage, announced its ‘mobile health screening service business’ contract with Samsung Electronics, and the launch of the official mobile health screening service.

Based on 8 trillion KRW worth of health screening industry’s market value, Mediage will focus specifically on corporate-level health screening at hospitals and professional screening centers by providing “mobile health screening service” and by integrating Samsung Electronics’ Samsung health platform.

Mobile health screening service allows users to access the immediate screening results via their mobile phones. It also allows for health coaching information through Mediage’s AI-based technology through the combination of users’ life log data and the screening data.

Kang-hyung Kim, CEO of Mediage noted that Mediage will be able to provide an effective post-health screening management platform by establishing partnerships with Samsung Electronics.

Mediage has signed contracts with Busan National University Hospital, Paik Hospital, and is in talks with 60 other major hospitals for future alliances.

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