Introducing Uh-di-ya?, a location-based communication service app


Infoseed (CEO: Yohan Kwon) launched a location-based communication service called “Uh-di-ya?”, which in Korean means “Where is it? (어디야?)”.

Uh-di-ya? is a location-based communication service that divides South Korea into a 4 billion grid, with each grid representing a unit of 10 meters. The service assigns a unique location name to each grid such that any location can be accurately and easily identified including inner city alleys as well as river and mountains.

Uh-di-ya? assigns a three-word Korean name for each grid on the map. For example, the address of every area in Gwanghwamun Square is the same as ‘1-68 Sejong-ro in Jongno-gu, Seoul’, but if you ask Uh-di-ya?, you can see the ‘Yi Sunsin General Statue’ located in Gwanghwamun Square as a location name. 4.1 billion location names can be changed to three Korean words that the user desires, thus easy to convey meaning to the user’s desired location, a feature that wasn’t readily available in the market previously. Overall, the service makes finding locations much easier as users can easily identify monumental areas of the city.

Additionally, a “pin” displays the address of the point where a pin is located, so users can easily check the exact address of the desired position.

Chang Sub Shim, COO of Uh-di-ya?, stated: “our product is a versatile, geolocation-based service that can be used across various industries and circumstances such as IOT industry, O2O delivery, car sharing, call taxi, logistics system, disaster report, which is a strategic advantage for us.”

Uh-di-ya? is currently available on Google Play

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