Kakao Hosts Jeju Machine Learning Camp 2017 In Jeju To Vitalize AI Research


On April 14th, Kakao announced that it will host ‘Machine Learning Camp 2017 – Jeju’ with TensorFlow Korean Users Association to promote AI technology. The camp will be held in Jeju, Korea from 7/3/2017 to 7/28/2017 and registration will be available until April 20th.

Kakao and TensorFlow Korean Users Association are co-hosting the event with KaKaoBrain, Google, JeJu National University and Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center, targeting students and non-professionals interested in AI.

Keynote speakers include professor Cho from New York University, professor Lee from Michigan University, Google Chief Researcher Jeff Dean and Google TensorFlow Chief Engineer Rajat Monga and they will discuss the newest trends in AI technology. KakaoBrain Chief Researcher Namjoo Kim, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology professor Sunghoon Kim and other major researchers are selected as mentors who will help participants with their research during the camp.

Those who want to participate in ‘Machine Learning Camp 2017 – Jeju’ can register from the official website. Top 20 finalists will stay at Jeju University and Kakao Headquarters for a month to get trained by deep learning/machine learning professionals and use TensorFlow to develop their own machine learning programs. The finalists will be eligible to receive 3 million KRW worth of financial support including living expenses, airfare and Google Cloud gift cards. Anyone can apply regardless of nationality, gender or age, but those with basic knowledge about TensorFlow and deep learning and research experience will be preferred.

KakaoBrain Chief Researcher Namjoo Kim said “Participants will have the opportunity to work with top machine learning professionals from both Korea and abroad and will become one. KakaoBrain will continuously host various activities to achieve its mission: ‘Contribute to AI development through cooperation’.”

Starting this year, Kakao is planning to host the machine learning camp annually in Jeju to continue promoting AI technology and activating AI research.

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