Location Based Office-Arcade Information Service “Nemo” Launches


Sugarhill(CEO Lee Yongil) released an office-arcade space application called “Nemo” on the 17th.

In Korean, Nemo is an acronym to a phrase “All the office and arcade space you could possibly want.” As the name indicates, Nemo provides information regarding available office and arcade spaces near the users’ current location. Share-based office spaces including FastFive or WeWork are also covered in the search.

During its beta service period, Nemo provided office space information in the Seoul area. Location based sales/rent information, filters, communication service, inquiry, road view, surroundings search functionalities are currently available at Nemo. Sugarhill plans to provide estimated costs and real time vacancy check functionalities in the future. Nemo is expected to provide small businesses owners with easy access to the office space rental market.

Sugarhill is a startup established by Dabang* co-founders Lee Yongil and Park Sungmin, Dabang Development Head Kim Changyeon, and Park Jinho and Yoo Chaesun from Nielsen Korea.

*Dabang is a popular home rental application in South Korea.

Inspired by Platum

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