JobPlanet Launches ‘Company Analysis’ For More Insights Into Companies


On the 18th, JobPlanet, a social media planet on information of companies, added a new functionality, “Company Analysis.” This new feature gives detailed analysis on company cultures, which had been difficult to grasp simply with the existing company satisfaction rating system.

JobPlanet’s company analysis provides a diverse company information under as many as 40 different categories that had not been available previously. Some of the categories include sensibility of corporate decision processes, realistic number of days on vacation, and satisfaction on personal assessments. This will provide helpful information for those searching for jobs or changing their jobs.

On JobPlanet, it had been relatively easy to discover companies using existing features such as the company reviews and satisfaction tracking system. However, there was a difficulty on finding a company that is better suited for each individual. One had to go through every review and relevant information under different categories weren’t widely available. Using the company analysis functionality, one can now search companies that have similar characteristics.

For example, users can easily distinguish companies by culture. Users can get insights regarding work culture such as mandatory weekend hours in spite of long hours on weekdays or freedom to use vacation days at any time of the year. Other categories that affect working conditions and careers directly include number of daily meetings, meeting atmosphere, reasonability of personal assessments.

JobPlanet divided such details into four broad categories: company culture, salary and welfare, opportunities for self-improvement, and management. 100,000 cases of data had been collected on approximately 4000 companies via employee survey since January, 2016.

Head of Business Development of JobPlanet, Jang YeongJu said, “It is often the case that the reasons that employees preparing for changing their jobs are one of the newly added company analysis categories,” and he added, “Company analysis contains useful information that is well-understood by those who are experienced, thus helpful for their job-searching effort.”

Company analysis can be found under the ‘company analysis’ tab in the profile page of the companies, and users can view up to 3 analysis. In order to view information under all categories, one must insert personal employment information and complete the survey.
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