Allb Represents South Korea in Hardware Cup 2017 International Finals


On April 19th, twelve early-stage hardware startups from across the globe came to Pittsburgh to compete for the $50,000 Starbot Grand Prize Investment at the AlphaLab Gear National Hardware Cup 2017 International Finals. Among them was Allb (abbreviation of “all about baby”), a company that develops smart wearable device for infants. Allb made it to the finals from the regional competition in South Korea.

In the U.S. alone, around 1,500 babies die annually from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), in which a seemingly healthy baby dies while asleep due to a spontaneous cessation of breathing. After two years of research, Allb introduced a product in hopes to solve this issue and  to relieve the parents’ anxiety over their babies.

Once clipped onto the baby’s diaper or pants, the device monitors the baby’s skin temperature and micro-abdominal movements using temperature and gyro sensors. The data monitors the baby’s  real-time respiration and sleeping pattern which are connected with the mobile application used by parents and guardians.

The uniqueness of the product lies in its ability to detect and record an apnea (temporary cessation of breathing) as short as 3 seconds. When a baby stops breathing for 30 seconds, the device will set an alarm and simultaneously send an alert to the guardians through the mobile app.

Within the field of wearable device in babycare monitor market in South Korea, Allb is a first-mover.Globally, they see Owlet as the main competitor. Owlet also seeks to prevent SIDS, but the approach is  different. While Owlet monitors the pulse and oxygen saturation of the baby by attaching its device on the baby’s ankle, Allb takes advantage of the baby’s stomach movements and also measures the temperature, which is an important indicator of a baby’s health.

As Allb continues to seek for ways to improve the accuracy of their product, they aim to incorporate it as part of a home IoT network solution. The users will be able to interact with Allb with a more natural interface.

Allb CEO Kim Myung-Jin said, “We developed Allb with care and from the perspective of the parents, and will continue with our research efforts in order to pursue our social mission to help infants grow healthy across the globe through Allb. Ultimately, we would like to become the leader in the field of babycare technology solutions.”

Founded in 2015, Allb has recently reached the Kickstarter goal by 207% and raised $31,000, with people over 29 countries using their product. The device has been available online through Amazon since mid-April. They are looking for partners in the US to work together to establish a stable business in the USA, where the customers are already familiar with babycare wearable devices.

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