Yello Mobile Recruits former Head of Melon Service, Min Chul Kim


On the 20th, Yello Mobile announced its recruitment of the former Head of Melon Service, Min Chul Kim, as the new representative and CPO (General Manager of Service) of the Platform Group. Mr. Kim will be responsible for works related to Pikicast and CooCha and plans to develop and implement strategies in an effort to make their products more competitive. Previously, Mr. Kim was in charge of purchasing and product planning  at Cheil Industries and also served as the General Manager of Products and Service at Dnshop, Division Head of Shopping and Division Head of Local Service at Daum Communication, and most recently the Head of Melon Service. With Mr. Kim’s recruitment, Yello Mobile plans to reinforce its platform business group structure, strengthen its business competitiveness, create new values in the service product field, and accelerate profit generation.
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