Asan Nanum Foundation partners with Airbnb to help startups expand abroad

아산 나눔 재단

Asan Nanum Foundation (아산나눔재단), in partnership with Airbnb (에어비앤비), announced to aid startups preparing for overseas expansion. The partnership will provide lodging benefits for overseas business trips to companies participating in Maru180 (마루180), Chung Ju Yung Entrepreneurship Competition (정주영 창업경진대회) and Startup Ecosystem Partnership (창업생태계 파트너십). To strengthen last year’s startups and nonprofit organizations, the partnership is designed to ease the burdens of overseas travel expenses for startups funded by the Asan Nanum Foundation.

Members of Maru180, comprising start-ups BravePops Company, Maverick, and 3Claps, received participation funding for the Asia Start up and Tech conference RISE held in Hong Kong along with free lodging benefits, foreign investor attraction, current partnership search, and global conference attendance.

“Partnership with Airbnb will benefit in aiding young entrepreneurs and contribute greatly to the startup environment in long term,” said Chairwoman Lee Kyungsook of Asan Nanum Foundation. “I hope that startups preparing for overseas expansion will demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest in the global market without the burden of lodging expenses.”

“Airbnb feels responsible for funding startups because Airbnb started as a small startup,” said director of Airbnb Korea, Lee Jun Kyu. “Airbnb is glad to aid Korean startups wanting to expand abroad.”


Maru180: a startup office space that allows 3-4 startups to use one floor together.
Chung Ju Yung Entrepreneurship Competition: a competition started in 2012 to select startups to be part of the real life entrepreneur funding program and allows selected startups to move into Maru180.


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