Maptales: New Way to Remember Your Vacation


On April 14th, Thumb Initial, a mobile application development company, announced the launch of ‘Maptales,’ an app that creates travel roadmap with selected photos from vacations. With Maptales, users can select photos from their album to highlight the location and the path in the photos.

By using map edit tool, users can build their own travel map in Maptales. Saved maps can be viewed within the app. The vibrant interface and design of the map also add extra details to the user’s memory. The travel map can be shared on different social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Se Hwan Kim, CEO of Thumb Initial, said, “It’s hard to remember when, where, and how you traveled to different places by just looking at the photos after a long period of time. Hopefully, Maptales can help users reminisce about their trips in a new way.” Maptales is currently the number one app under travel category on Apple App Store.
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Joyce (Jung Min) is a senior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in Global Business. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee, listen to music and explore downtown DC. Joyce can be reached at



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