SAYHO: A New Platform for Artists to Thrive


Arts and performance brokering platform SAYHO (세이호) announced on April 24th the launch of its beta service to the public.

SAYHO connects customers with artists in various fields of performing arts, including concerts, music lessons, photography and videography. SAYHO has been operating in closed beta since last July to collect user feedback.

Existing arts brokering platforms take significant commissions from artists regardless of the success of bookings. Furthermore, to be in the arts brokerage industry, a company needs to receive approval as a “Public Arts and Culture Planning Company,” mandated in July 2014. Given the difficulty in receiving this approval, many brokering services in the arts have been operating illegally. SAYHO is the first online platform to receive this government approval.

SAYHO allows artists to create individual profile pages and communicate with customers directly without a fee. Through 1:1 matching and reverse auction matching, customers can connect with artists in over 100 fields for free. SAYHO’s comprehensive matching system is a significant improvement from the various challenges of an online brokerage, including false customer requests exemplified by Thumbtack services, wasted credit, inefficient commissions model exemplified by Fiverr, and a lack of 1:1 matching.

CEO Kim In Ho notes that the service will provide artists with new kinds of value and opportunities for profitability.

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