Imported craft beer delivery system Veluga launched


Recently, the industry for imported craft beer is gaining much attention from consumers in Korea.  Unlike in the past when a few Korean large companies controlled the industry through their mass production of limited items, consumers now can easily buy foreign beers from convenience stores at reasonable prices, or they can order them at micro-breweries in hip locations, such as Itaewon. However, the choices for the consumers are still limited.

To provide a variety of imported craft beers to consumers, Veluga Brewery launched a beer delivery routine system, Veluga.  It focuses on delivering imported craft beers to consumers.  The revised alcohol tax law in July of last year enabled companies to deliver certain types of beer to private homes.  Along with beer, since Veluga delivers rare types of beers that consumers are usually unfamiliar with, the service provides a “beer index card,” which contains basic information and background stories of the product.

In available regions, upon subscription, Veluga will deliver two bottles of two different products on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, totalling eight bottles a month.
Veluga Brewery’s CEO commented, “Even without any marketing, we reached our subscription goal within a week just through word of mouth among beer fan communities.   Currently, Gangnam, Seocho, Gwanak, Mapo and other selected regions have the service, but we will expand throughout all of Seoul soon, and into the rest of the country eventually.”


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