Are You a Tourist in Korea? This Could Be Your Best Taxi App during Your Stay!

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Honest Ticket (어니스트티켓) (CEO: Han-wool Yang) has announced the inception of pre-paid taxi app for foreigners and visitors in South Korea. Expected to launch on May 1st, this app will prevent overcharging and detours, enabling non-Korean speaking visitors to use the taxi service in Korea.

Honest Ticket automatically calculates and shows the price on the taximeter upon entering the destination. If a user pays for the demonstrated amount in advance, there will be no additional fee charged, alleviating the concern of getting overcharged.

Users will be able to use the app in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The navigation service will be backed by SK’s T-map, which presents the fastest route with the shortest time.

The app can be downloaded and used for free for drivers as well. The app can not only overcome the language barrier but can also reduce concerns about the fee disputes with clients.

“Although Korea is among the top tourism destinations, complaints on the taxi use still persists,” said Han-wool Yang, CEO of Honest ticket. He added, “This app is created to connect drivers with visitors who can use the taxi with ease. We hope that Honest Ticket will help improve trust in taxi service and increase drivers’ profits.”

The company also plans to expand to the Philippines, China, France, the U.S., India, and other countries that have low-quality taxi service.

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