Three-Day Boot Camp for Female Entrepreneurs Opens


Girls in Tech Seoul, an international nonprofit organization that promotes women’s roles in the tech sector, and Facebook Korea will host “Silicon Valley Start-up Successful Camp for Women” from Friday, May 18th to Sunday, May 21th. This three-day boot camp is targeted for women who plans to start or are currently running start-ups. A U.S. start-up consulting firm CEO Hilary Weber will attend the meeting and share tips on start-ups. Professional VCs and relevant professionals will serve as senior mentors at the event.

A Berkeley graduate, Hilary Weber has been in charge of marketing for many multinational corporations. She is currently the President of Opportu Startup Innovation and provides consulting services for startups and share tips.

The boot camp will provide a venue for participants to learn about the leadership skills and entrepreneurship needed for women to succeed in the startup field. Through a series of sessions, participants will have access to the latest research findings on startup success factors. Participants will also have an opportunity to apply these cases to their own situations and receive feedback from mentors and VCs at the event.

“Silicon Valley Start-up Successful Camp for Women” is free of charge for female attendees. This was made possible by financial sponsors including the customized underwear startup Sara’s Fit, Hannam-based hand crafted cold brew cafe TAKE C, easy future meals company LABNOSH, door-to-door chef-made food delivery startup Plating, and salad delivery startup FRESHCODE.

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