Chat With Facebook Messenger’s Chatbot To Order Food



At the recent Facebook Developer Conference, F8, MasterCard unveiled a service that combines FaceBook Messenger with MasterPass, a digital payment platform, and Chatbot, an interactive intelligence-based chatroom. This feature allows users to order food at Subway, The Cheesecake Factory and FreshDirect  and also make simple payments through Facebook Messenger conversations.

Interactive chatbots with MasterPass uses artificial intelligence technology to help consumers make inquiries about products, orders, and secure payments all in one instant messenger. It enables conversational commerce in a wide range of industries, from restaurants to retail, and provides a more personalized consumer experience.

Orders and payments using the Facebook Messenger bot and MasterPass are made with just a few touches and chats. Consumers can choose their favorite menu on Facebook Messenger through chat with Chatbot and then select it or enter it in the dialog box. In the subsequent settlement step, users can create a credit card profile in advance without having to input a card number every time.

Meanwhile, MasterCard released a MasterPass chatbot API (Application Programming Interface) for the same function on the MasterCard developer platform earlier this year. Real MasterCard and Turkey’s mobile retailer Getir have made it possible for customers to receive more than 600 daily necessities in 10 minutes via Facebook Messenger Bots and pay by MasterPass.

“MasterCard’s vision is to provide digital technology to meet consumer needs across all commerce,” said Garry Lyons, Chief Innovation Officer at MasterCard. “We will provide users with innovative, attractive, and secure digital payment systems.”
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