Jeju Island Promotes Smart Tourism By Fostering Growth of Startups


Jeju Innovation Hub (Director: Junghwan Jeon) is hosting the “Jeju Smart Tourism Contest” (2017 Jeju Smart Tourism Business) as a plan to establish the island’s smart tourism ecosystem.

2017 Jeju Smart Tourism Package Support Business is planning to increase competitiveness of tourism in Jeju with the help of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. In order to promote smart tourism–integrating technology and tourism service–there will be opportunities for local and foreign startups to receive financial support to increase sales.

Both domestic and foreign startups that support smart tourism in Jeju can apply. There are three types of contests. Participants can choose from A) supporting the company’s technology, making prototypes and commercialization, B) consulting, improving the quality of the product, and C) supporting commercialization package.  Selected startups will receive up to 3.2 billion KRW.

The winner will be chosen based on its originality, the extent to which it supports the smart tourism initiative, its commercialization plan as well as the potential for success.  

Director Jeon commented “Last year we installed beacons in Jeju International Airport, Jungmun Tourist Complex and Dongmun Market to construct a platform for Jeju Smart Tourism. Moreover, we created the aid project in order to help startups view Jeju smart tourism as their business model. We hope to see outstanding startups accelerate their technology and help  promote smart tourism in Jeju”.


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Cathy is a staff writer with Tech For Korea where she writes about interesting startups in Korea. She worked for a startup company Buttercups over the summer in Bangalore, India. She is also a student in Carnegie Mellon University. Cathy can be reached at


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