Naver holds Naver Engineering Day 2017

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Naver held Naver Engineering Day 2017, an internal technology showcase program, at its headquarters from April 20th to 21st. Naver Engineering Day is an internal debut program designed for naver inventors to share innovative technologies and knowledge gained through their research to increase technological value and perfect the technology.

Held for the second time, this year’s Engineering Day facilitated multifaceted discussion regarding variety of technology including AI, deep learning utilizing distributed computing, video image processing, and multiple internal Platform as a service (PaaS) enabling improved service performance and increased research efficiency.

Naver Engineering Day not only showcased technology, but also showcased Naver developed services including Whale Broswer, and AI Recommender System (AiRS), seeking ideas on expanding and upgrading the use of these technologies. Especially, projects showcased at Naver Engineering Day exhibited higher quality prototypes and completion percentage than those of Naver Hack Day and participants exchanged variety of opinions regarding real world service implementation.

“Naver will continue to hold variety of showcases such as Engineering Day and Hackday for its employees in order to provide opportunities to grow together and to brainstorm ideas to provide improved customer experience,” said Naver’s Technology Platform Director Kim Taewoong.


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