12 Edition launches an online marketplace for fine art


12 Edition wants to connect all artists in Korea with the public. On May 12th, 12 Edition launched a beta version of an online marketplace for art.

12 Edition allows users to register their work directly on the platform. The service is open to artists of all type, such as painter, illustrator or photographer from Korea as well as other countries. The registration process is very simple: user uploads the work image with the reasonable resolution quality, the website will automatically retouch the work through its own algorithm. Once a transaction is made, a 10 ~ 50% royalty fee is paid to the artist. The end-to-end sales process is done on the platform without any complicated documentation procedures.

12 edition plans to add a customization feature to the service such that the general public can design their own product in the future.

Lee Jeong-hoon, Co-CEO of 12 edition, stated, “According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, about 80% of Korean artists earn less than 20 million won in annual income. I hope that artists will be able to create added value through various channels. I hope that the 12 edition will empower domestic artists.”

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